Embracing Change and Evolving the DECO Brand

In the ever-evolving world of business, every brand owner eventually finds themselves at a crossroads. It’s a pivotal moment that can shape the future of your brand, making the decision on how to represent it becomes a profound challenge. As the visionary behind DECO Salon and Spa, I encountered a similar crossroads, and my journey of evolution began. The Long-standing Affiliation For years, I had proudly used a popular brand known for its environmentally friendly hair care products. It was a selling point for our salon, and the products had earned our loyalty. However, as I looked ahead, I realized… Continue Reading

Step into the Magical World of DECO Salon and Spa: A Barbie Celebration on St Pete Beach

Barbie, the iconic symbol of dynamism and a fabulous lifestyle, has woven dreams and fantasies for generations. At DECO Salon and Spa, we recently had the privilege of bringing this enchanting Barbie fantasy world to life in honor of Lindsay’s 39th birthday and the much-anticipated release of the New Barbie movie. Lindsay, the creative force behind DECO, radiates positive cosmic energy, and her vibrant and colorful personality was the perfect match for this extraordinary celebration. Lindsay, a passionate advocate of creativity, has been collecting Barbies since 1988, igniting her fervor for fashion-forward thinking and propelling her journey from a… Continue Reading