Barbie, the iconic symbol of dynamism and a fabulous lifestyle, has woven dreams and fantasies for generations. At DECO Salon and Spa, we recently had the privilege of bringing this enchanting Barbie fantasy world to life in honor of Lindsay’s 39th birthday and the much-anticipated release of the New Barbie movie. Lindsay, the creative force behind DECO, radiates positive cosmic energy, and her vibrant and colorful personality was the perfect match for this extraordinary celebration.

Lindsay, a passionate advocate of creativity, has been collecting Barbies since 1988, igniting her fervor for fashion-forward thinking and propelling her journey from a dedicated hairdresser and salon owner to the visionary Creative Director of the burgeoning DECO brand. Surprisingly, Lindsay’s love affair with Barbies didn’t diminish with age; it continues to fuel her artistic inspiration well into her 30s. Barbie, for Lindsay, embodies the epitome of an empowered woman – possessing everything from exquisite wardrobes to dream houses and even a dashing accessory of a boyfriend. Barbie epitomizes versatility, mirroring Lindsay’s multifaceted roles as entrepreneur, fashionista, and trendsetter.

Barbie’s charm lies in her ability to be whoever she aspires to be. Whether it’s a doctor, a teacher, a businesswoman, an actress, a cowgirl, or a figure skater, Barbie epitomizes limitless possibilities – a reflection of the diverse opportunities Lindsay embraces. As the visionary owner and creator of DECO, Lindsay thrives on curating an experiential journey that awakens the senses. The driving force behind DECO’s captivating ambiance, Lindsay’s passion for her craft, and her boundless creativity are evident in every aspect of the salon.

This extraordinary celebration unfolded within the elegant confines of DECO Salon and Spa, aligning perfectly with the grand opening of the New Barbie Movie. The festivities extended throughout Lindsay’s birthday and for several weeks thereafter. Lindsay’s excitement was palpable as families flocked to DECO, eagerly partaking in the festivities and relishing the opportunity to share in her inspiring journey and remarkable Barbie collection. In a world where young women are rightfully empowered, Lindsay’s tribute to Barbie served as a poignant reminder of the progress made since the 50s, when Ruth Handler first conceptualized the Barbie phenomenon. Lindsay’s personal connection with Barbie, which began innocently in 1988, foreshadowed her own aspirations and set the stage for DECO’s extraordinary future.

The event not only celebrated Lindsay’s vibrant spirit but also rekindled the allure of Barbie as an enduring symbol of empowerment. Lindsay’s heartfelt narrative, coupled with her cherished collection, breathed new life into Barbie’s legacy, resonating with audiences of all ages. Through this remarkable celebration, Lindsay uplifted the forgotten icon, reigniting its relevance and reaffirming its timeless message of limitless dreams.

At DECO Salon and Spa, we stand as a testament to the magic of creativity and the power of dreams. Inspired by Lindsay’s passion and her enduring connection with Barbie, we invite you to experience the DECO journey – where artistry, empowerment, and endless possibilities converge. Join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of Lindsay and the enchanting world of DECO as we continue to inspire, empower, and redefine beauty and style on St Pete Beach.

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